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Shallow but meaningful in Birmingham

Posted in Birmingham mac, Photography Tips and Techniques on March 15th, 2012 by Phil – Comments Off

Shallow depth of field is really noticeable in macro and close up shots.  This can sometimes mean that you only get one end of a butterfly in focus!  These pictures get away with it, taken on a photography course at mac in Birmingham, and all taken with regular kit lenses, which shows what you can do if you know what your are doing!

People photography course at mac, Birmingham

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Anne has done all our courses, and Anjam has done DSLR in Manchester.  They decided to say “what would your dream job be?” and photograph each other for their future websites!  Anjam, photographer, and Anne, racing driver!

They had to establish rapport very quickly, but were both absolutely delighted with the results and both have usable photos:

Photography Course in Birmingham in the cold

Posted in Birmingham mac on January 7th, 2010 by Phil – Comments Off

Our photography course in Birmingham took place despite the snow, while Rachel took up her new post in Bewdley. It was extremely cold, and Phil took a couple of pictures to prove it!!

Statues have a hard time too!

Just goes to show that rain wind or snow won’t stop us from delivering a photography course!

DSLR Photography Course pic by Joanne

Posted in Birmingham mac on September 13th, 2009 by Phil – Comments Off

Joanne came to the DSLR course in Birmingham before she went on a trip to Borneo. She kindly sent us this pic, which show what you can do with shallow depth of field and a bit of backlighting. Oh, and an orang-utan.

Nice work, Joanne!IMG_6102-2