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One of the reasons that photographs tend to not look the same as when you looked at the same scene by eye is that the camera has one eye and can’t judge depth.  As a result, it’s really important that dangling branches are kept separate from the background.  Both these shots (taken on photography courses at St Fagans and Charlecote) looked fine by eye, but the camera has flattened them so they don’t quite work.  Separating the foreground and background branches would have made a big improvement, but making the pictures easier to understand.



Charlecote Photography Course

Creative photography course at St. Fagan’s

Posted in St Fagans, Cardiff on February 10th, 2012 by Phil – Comments Off

St. Fagans (The National History Museum of Wales) is another great location, and  my students did me proud! There were some really amazing shots as you can see below…and certainly there are images here that could be from IKEA! And, it also has to be said, that shooting with intention, and having an idea in mind results in photographs which need barely any editing. This is a much more satisfying way to work. I love the strong colours, and strong, impact-ful images. Well done!