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Photography mentoring service July selection – “Serenity”

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This month’s theme was straightforward, we thought, but lots of people found it difficult. Cue lots of swans, flowers and sunsets!

This month’s problem seem to be with a few people struggling with metering – I’ve written a few articles on it for the Ask PMS section of the website if you are interested. Fab stuff as always!

Waihi Beach



Serenity 1

Serene (2 of 3)


I think



notice that the flies




horses small






Cameron Highlands






We’re going to be a bit more dilligent about the blog this month, having realised that we only managed one post all month. We’ll try to make sure that we put pictures up frequently – watch this space.

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Flower Photography

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Sunday July 14, 2013 – Sunday July 14, 2013

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Photography Mentoring Service pictures from March – the theme was “Anything done well is art”

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We heard Damien Hirst use this line, and we thought it would make our Mentoring students think about what constitutes a work of art. So here is the selection for this month, with pictures from Santa Monica to Belfast – see if you can spot the Titanic memorial, sneakers in California, traffic in the Shetlands, graffitti, tattoos and pasta-based snacks. We like a bit of variety here at PMS Towers!

We’ve just started teaching at two new venues locally- Bristol Zoo Gardens and Arnos Vale cemetery. The courses there are intended to be a little more challenging than the normal DSLR course, but still fun!  As such they are perfect who are doing mentoring, or thinking about it!

See what you make of the mentoring this month!

We love this one – 20 second exposure!

One to One Photography tuition in Sheffield, 5 May 2012

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Rachel went to Sheffield to teach Helen to take professi0nal looking photos of her lovely children, Otis and Oscar.  Rachel got Helen using her 50mm prime lens, which she now loves.   She also encouraged Helen to fill the frame and not be scared to get in close. Here are some of the results:

Thanks to Helen for letting us use the photos following her one to one photography tuition!