Dog Photography Course


Dogs are hard to photograph. Getting good pictures is tricky, and we can help.  We even have a tame dog to show how it’s done!  Bring your dog to Ashton Court and we’ll give you a hand to get it right.

book now We’ll take shots of the dogs stationary and moving, whole body and close up. It’s a fun half-day with a maximum of 6 dogs to play with.  We’ll improve your dog pictures in a half day!

At lovely Ashton Court we have 840 acres for the dogs to run in, a great cafe, woods and grasslands for the dogs to run on.

Ideally you’ll have a DSLR with a fast low f-stop lens and a separate flashgun but if your camera only has scene modes, this can still be a useful course – you will learn how to use the most appropriate mode and about composition. Compact cameras often struggle with being fast enough, but there are steps you can take to improve your chances.