Joining the Photography Mentoring Service

Our very favourite Photography Mentoring Service picture, taken by John in Scotland.

Our very favourite Photography Mentoring Service picture, taken by John in Scotland.

Our Photography Mentoring Service takes a bit of explaining.  We give you a theme every month, you send us three photographs based on the theme and we sent you a detailed critique of each picture.  All for £12 a month or £120 a year (that’d about $20 or $200 a year) and currently free to our Facebook friends and Twitter followers for the first month.

There’s a selection of mentoring work on the blog -  check it out!


Our professional photography teachers look at your pictures in the following way:

1.      Composition – is it clear, easy to understand?  Are we emotionally engaged?  Could you have taken the same picture in a more effective way from a better angle?

2.    Technical – have you used the right f stops, ISO, exposure compensation, white balance, flash level? Are there any bits of equipment we could recommend to help you achieve your goals?  (We’re not selling these, we’re just trying to help!)

3.  Treatment – have you edited and processed your pictures and how effective is this?


By looking at your pictures this way we can see your work improve month by month, which is really gratifying.

It’s been a great success since we started it, all over the world, and we’ve been trying to analyse the success, so we’ve looked at the testimonials for inspiration.  The same words come up again and again:

“Constructive, helpful, encouraging, positive”

We absolutely hate the competitive, aggressive town of a lot of photography forums and competitions.  If you like the picture, it wins!  As qualified teachers and communicators we do our best to help you improve, working at your level.

“Honest, informative, made me think, I hadn’t thought to……”

We can’t always praise every photograph – sometimes they are just terrible!  But we are here to help you improve in a safe space, and we’ll never ridicule or put your work down.  We’ll point you in the right direction to improve, like proper teachers!  We’ve seen it before, and no question is ever too stupid – that’s why we’re here!

“Invaluable, detailed, professional perspective, challenging”

We give individual feedback on each of your photos – this is the essence of the service – it’s about the connection between you and your photograph – we are here to help you achieve the best results for you, with the equipment you already have.


We think so!  We’ve made the mentoring service free for the first month, so why not give it a go?  You can quit at any time.

 Go ahead and sign up here!  

You’ve nothing to lose but ropey pictures!