Photography Mentoring Service Gift Certificates

personalised photography gift certificates If you’re looking for photography gift ideas look no further. They’ve got all the lenses, done all the courses, but still aren’t happy with their pictures - want can you do to help?

You can put them in individual contact with an experienced tutor, who will look at their pictures and give individual critiques, praise and advice. Our Photography Mentoring Service has been running since 2011, and now has customers from Scotland to Cornwall, with a few in Australia and America.

How it works

What people think of it

Our Photography Mentoring Gift Certificates begin whenever the recipient likes, and pay for a fixed number of months, with a few discounts:

£120 – buy 12 months of Photography Mentoring Service for the price of 10.

£60 – buy 6 months of Photography Mentoring Service for the price of 5.

£30 -buy 3 months of Photography Mentoring Service for the price of, er, 2 1/2!

Our certificates are printed on high quality paper and posted directly to the recipient or to yourself, whichever you prefer. Certificates can be personalised with the name of the recipient, and a special message or greeting from you. If you’re in a hurry in office hours, we can often produce and email your certificates in minutes. We’ll also email a pdf copy of the certificate to the purchaser in case you need it in a hurry. (We were still doing this last Christmas Eve for last-minute present shoppers. You know who you are!)

      • “Thank you! I really appreciate your speed and efficiency.” Joss, Gift Certificate 2014
      • “That’s brilliant, great service, much appreciated.” Vanessa, Gift Certificate 2012
      • “I’m so pleased I found you – it’s probably one of the best presents I’ve bought him!” Laura, Gift Certificate 2011