Photo Editing Course

Photo Editing Course

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photo editing course

Once you’ve taken your photographs,  you still might have some work to do. We split our photo editing course day into parts:

The morning is about the basics of downloading, storage, cropping, resizing and basic editing using Google’s superb free download Picasa.

The afternoon uses Adobe Lightroom for more creative effects – improving workflow, use of graduated filters, creative use of saturation, selective black and white, tilt shift effect, use of curves and HDR effects.

We run the photo editing course in two halves, which can be booked separately.  It is slightly cheaper to take the one day course (£97) than to take the two halves separately (2 X £50), but for many people Picasa will be all they need, or you may already be familiar with an alternative such as iPhoto.

We will get out and take some pictures to use as subjects, although you can bring your own if you prefer.  Here at Ashton Court we have formal gardens with roses, grassland with native wildflowers and woodlands with tiny hidden gems. The whole idea of a photo editing course is that you get the level of skills to achieve what you want to do, rather than what we know!