Photography Courses Bradford

National Media Museum, Yorkshire, England

photography courses at National Media Museum, Bradford

Photography courses Bradford at the National Media Museum were recommended to us personally by Don McCullin, believe it or not!  We are thrilled to be working there. We were first involved there with a photography competition that McCullin was judging and for which some of our photography courses were part of the prize.

While for photography courses Bradford might not seem the obvious destination, but working at the National Media Museum give us lots of photographs and photographic equipment to look at. It ranks as the 20th most visited museum in the UK, which is impressive given the distance from London.  Exhibitions change all the time – have a look at the museum’s website for the latest events and how to get there.  We use the excellent education rooms, and we meet at reception at 10:30am and finish at about 4:30pm. We have lunch in the excellent cafe, surrounded by pictures of the greats.

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There are displays relating to all types of visual arts, television, radio and photography. It holds the Kodak Gallery with 10,000 items illustrating popular photography from its invention until the present day and photography collections from the Royal Photographic Society and the Daily Herald. Amongst the Collections are the world’s earliest known surviving negative, the earliest television footage and the camera that made the earliest moving pictures in Britain. It also has a 5 story IMAX cinema and plenty of things to do for people interested in television and film.  If you are a certain age, animation collections are especially interesting – there are Wombles, Captain Scarlet, Wallace and Gromit, Morph, and figures from early Ray Harryhausen films. They even have the puppets from the Smash TV ads.
We are delighted to be delivering photography courses Bradford at the National Media Museum.