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Stourhead, England

photography courses at Stourhead Gardens, Wiltshire

For photography courses Wiltshire has Stourhead – arguably the most famous garden in England. If you enjoy landscape gardens it is impossible not to be enchanted by the setting. It was actually made to be enjoyed looking in a frame!
Classes run from 10am until 4:30pm, and we meet in the courtyard by the Spread Eagle pub.

Our Photography Courses

Sunday 14 May, 2017 ‒ click here to bookCreative Landscape Photography at Stourhead ‒ Price: £97.00

Thursday 18 May, 2017 ‒ click here to bookDSLR - Stourhead ‒ Price: £97.00

Saturday 24 June, 2017 ‒ click here to bookDSLR Photography - Stourhead ‒ Price: £97.00

Monday 10 July, 2017 ‒ click here to bookCreative Landscape Photography at Stourhead ‒ Price: £97.00

Friday 28 July, 2017 ‒ click here to bookDSLR Photography - Stourhead ‒ Price: £97.00

Friday 25 August, 2017 ‒ click here to bookCreative Landscape Photography at Stourhead ‒ Price: £77.60 (including 20% early discount)

Sunday 10 September, 2017 ‒ click here to bookDSLR Photography - Stourhead ‒ Price: £77.60 (including 20% early discount)

Stourhead House was one of the first two Palladian Houses in the country, and was almost a prototype English Country House. In fact, it was so typical it was used as the model for Lady Penelope’s house in Thunderbirds!
In fact the planned vistas are so gorgeous the main difficulty for students for photography courses at Stourhead is not to take the view the garden architect had planned for them many decades ago. The grotto and various temples are so perfectly set into the naturalistic landscape it’s hard to recognise all the construction that went into the gardens. A village was submerged to make the perfect lake, complete with island and perfect colour-coordinated trees.
Stourhead Gardens are truly idyllic, and have been used in films from Kubrick’s 1975′s Barry Lyndon to 2005′s Pride and Predjudice. We will be working in the Gallery near the Spread Eagle pub and photographing around the lake and temples and grottoes throughout the gardens. Your course price includes admission to the gardens. As well as Summer courses, we also have the best days to capture the Autumn colours – not to be missed! It is a gorgeous place to be even in the depth of winter – with a frozen lake and ice on the temples the shots can be fantastic before retiring to the pub for soup! The plantings are so well done that there is always colour in the landscape at all times of year.  We are based in the First View Gallery.
Thanks to the National Trust for allowing us to offer photography courses in Wiltshire at Stourhead.
  • “Many thanks for the excellent day yesterday, I really did learn such alot. My camera makes alot more sense now and I feel more confident, this has certainly sparked an interest and will now practice with my new knowledge. Sometime later on in the year I will enrole on the creative photography course.” 2012

    4.5/5 stars
  • “Just a quick line to say many thanks for your inspirational photography course yesterday as you said I have some lovely photos and I really enjoyed the day immensely. It was great that it was technical and motivational as well. I shall come to one of your Creative Photography Courses in the new year as would love to do some more photography with you.”
    Paula, Stourhead Wiltshire 2011
  • “I found the course really helpful and now have a better understanding of the camera functions and also composition, I would like to thank you for a pleasant day at Stourhead.
    Colin, Stourhead 2011
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed the course , and have already recommended it to others.”John, Stourhead 2010
  • “Many thanks for the course last Monday; I really enjoyed it and learnt a great deal.” Gina, Stourhead 2009