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Crystal Palace Park, London

photography courses at crystal palace park london

For our photography courses London has some of the weirdest sights in the city in Crystal Palace.
We meet at the Crystal Palace Cafe (free parking, next to the Info Centre) at 10am for coffee and a briefing. We move up through the park (dinosaurs permitting!), taking prehistoric portraits and landscapes of the wide-open views. We review all this at a cafe in the Crystal Palace main street, and return to the park cafe for 4:30pm. We have taught photography courses in Crystal Palace in all weathers, even snow! It’s fun, educational and flexible, like all our London photography courses.

Our Courses

Sunday 11 June, 2017 ‒ click here to bookDSLR Photography - Crystal Palace Park ‒ Price: £120.00

Sunday 20 August, 2017 ‒ click here to bookDSLR Photography - Crystal Palace Park ‒ Price: £120.00

Friday 15 September, 2017 ‒ click here to bookCreative Photography - Crystal Palace Park ‒ Price: £96.00 (including 20% early discount)

There are 200 acres of landscaping, including the famous Victorian dinosaurs, and mysterious sphynxes left over from the Crystal Palace before it burned down. There are miles of paths and interconnected lakes that were originally designed to be artificially tidal through ingenious Victorian engineering. There’s a maze, bandstand, huge rare trees, open spaces and strange architecture both old and new. There are formal and informal gardens, avenues of trees and classic English park. It was a regular haunt of Arthur Conan Doyle, and also where Michael Caine uttered the immortal line about “blowing the bloody doors off” in the Italian Job. More recently it was used in the Chemical Brother’s video for Setting Sun. It has some of the best subjects for photography courses London can provide. It’s a great place for photography, of both the landscape and single subject portrait variety. You may even see ring-necked parakeets, especially in the trees around the café and play area. Sightings of the birds have become increasingly common in South London but rarely in a location as busy as Crystal Palace Park. It’s also pretty convenient to get to, and a nice place to spend the day for photography courses London.


  • “I am delighted to know what the different buttons, wheels and signs mean on the camera and I am practicing with them. The teaching was clear and engaging, the number of people in the group allowed for involvement and help. A good day and I hope to come on another course at some point, probably at Crystal Palace again.
    , 2011
    4.5/5 stars
  • “I just wanted to thank you for today and say how much I enjoyed your course and the relaxed informative manner of your delivery.” Andy, 2010