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We spent a lovely day yesterday in great weather at Ashton Court. The sun and the roses were both out and Jo, Nicola, Bethan, Mandy and Ed took some great pictures:

Nice composition from Jo

Bethan's compact camera did a great job on these houses.

Bethan's DMC-TZ5 also did a nice job on shallow depth of field.

Nicola's little Samsung captured the kerb appeal shot of Ashton Court.

Nicola's little Samsung took great landscapes

Interesting composition from Nicola

Great shallow depth of field from Mandy's olympus

and a good job of metering on these tricky white daisies.

Ed's D70s did fine job of metering this rose.

Phil took this picture of his big camera with Nicola's little one.

Ashton Court is a great place to visit, not just for photography courses! All the people that came were local, but had not gone to Ashton Court before.

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