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Juliana at Bristol Zoo

Juliana recently came to the DSLR course at Ashton Court, and had already bought our favourite lens, the 50mm f1.8  Here’s her testimonial and some pictures she took after the course.  You can see why we like this lens – and £22 for a Nikon one from ebay  is still the record!


I recently attended your basic dslr course and Ashton court and wanted to say thankyou so much for a wonderful day! You managed to not only keep me awake after my night shift but also give me a much better understanding of the basics and I really found it so useful! In particular understanding the use of the semi auto settings and the differences with the lenses and  apertures, and how I can use my 50mm lens to my advantage! In fact, was feeling so inspired after the day that I decided to go up to Bristol zoo (with the 50mm lens) and have a play around…have attached some of the (better) pics (from the many taken) – all done on aperture mode with plenty of blurring!!
Anyway, going to have a bit more of a play around, but am sure I’ll be back for more in the future (have also been singing your praises to my dad who says he wants to join me next time!!)

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