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Personal photography tuition in Bristol

Phil had a varied day teaching one to one photography at Ashton Court on Friday. Sometimes, personal photography tuition is a much more efficient way of learning, particularly for non-beginners.


Pedro had a lot of questions about white balance and using RAW files, with all the extra workflow and storage issues that come with it.  As always, we recommend using Picasa for basic work and Adobe Lightroom when you want more control.  For many beginners, Picasa (which is a free google download) is all they ever need, and it does not need to be connected on-line to Google in order to work.


White balance can be adjusted at will in post production with RAW files,  but for your personal morale you need to use a reasonably accurate white balance on the camera, or your strangely-coloured pictures will sap your creative energy!


Ian does this kind of thing well!

Ian does this kind of thing well!

Ian is a highly experienced fashion/boudoir/glamour photographer, but rarely shoots outdoors, and wants to understand the lighting outside, where you don’t always have the control of a studio set up.  (ISO too low?  Just turn the lights up!)  His website is http://www.ian-james-photography.co.uk/


He has some amazing looking work (much of it captured with our old favourite lens – the 50mm f1.8 (here acting as a 75mm f1.8). Glamour is not really our thing – but it’s good to see it done well!


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