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Spring has sprung in Bristol

Our DSLR Made Simple photogaphy course at Bristol had a large group, and amazingly good weather. Here are a few of the best, although to be fair there were a lot of good pictures in the Spring sunshine. Please bear in mind that these are beginners, although they’re rather good ones!

We always say if you’re going to take a picture “on the wonk” (technical term) you have to really go for it – so Chris did!

Nice shallow depth of field from Jane with her lovely new D7000, not that we’re jealous, oh no!

Fancy a sit down?

Or you could sit here…….

Another shallow but meaningful pic, here from Katherine.

Spring has sprung, it’ll be Easter next.

Sarah liked the look of the fruit.

Satnam managed to get his wife into the landscape. Great shadow!

Louisa’s position is a bit wrong here, so she moved over a bit to make an easier-to-understand image:

That’s better, and only a couple of meters over and a lower angle.

Come to sunny Bristol, says Scott’s picture.

Siobhan found a nice nobble to concentrate on.

All in all a great group and a fun day.

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