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Beginners photography course in Birmingham, at mac

We had a great day at mac photographing on the beginners photography course around the lake and in the park.  The idea here was to get creative shots and think about the pictures we were producing, rather than just snapping pretty things:


photography course in Birmingham

Always nice to use a reflection!

photography course in Birmingham

what the hell are you?

photography course in Birmingham

It’s not a venue that attracts big numbers, but mac has plenty going for it for photography – a good park with lakes and formal flowerbed and modern and ancient architecture. The cafe is spectacular and the staff friendly – what’s not to like!!

Taking good pictures is not about being in a pretty place, it’s about seeing beauty wherever you are, and presenting it to someone who’s never been there. This can be more rewarding in an urban park than in a Capability Brown garden, where all the shapes and proportions have been worked out for you.

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