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Wide-angle lens at the British Museum

It’s not just small terriers that benefit from the interesting perspective you get close up with a wide-angle lens. one of the problems of shooting in a crowded environment like the British Museum is that there is an awful lot of clutter in your picture, and the objects are so large that you have to stand back to get them in, so you get him lots of Japanese tourists, bemused teenage foreigners, and Greeks have come to see their own marble statues. A wide-angle lens enables you to get in very close, cut out a lot of the clutter in the background and still fill the frame with the object you’re after. Trying to teach a photography course in London in tourist season, this can be very useful.

Bronze statue from Pompeii, obviously!

Bronze statue from Pompeii, obviously!


Lichfield called the difference between a wide-angle and a telephoto lens the difference between using a big net and a high-powered rifle. It’s a different view, but quite a useful one in a tricky situation and the fisheye effect when not overdone can make an interesting picture.



If you go here you can buy one of these lenses on Amazon. There is a similar version of the Tamron lens for Canon cameras. In terms of bangs for your buck, this is one of the best lenses for changing the way your photographs look for not much money.

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