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DSLR photography course at Charlecote Park

We had a great day at Charlecote (30th January)….the weather was beautiful. One of those wonderful, winter blue-sky days. Frost would have made it perfect!

Jon and Stephen were both extremely keen, and had a good working knowledge of their cameras, and fine-tuned by the end of the day. They were both very keen to ‘get it right in-camera’, which is a great mind-set to have!

We played around and practiced ‘shallow depth of field’, and really got to grips with it, as you can see from their stunning images!! They were both so pleased to master this effect, as it looks so professional , and transforms you immediately from being a ‘joe bloggs snapper’ and a ‘photographer’.

They were also keen to learn how to make water look ‘milky’ with a slow shutter speed. Also, another great lesson learnt, as always is: What is your intention?: Why are you taking that particular viewpoint?.

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