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Jo gets the jobs done

Jo came on the photography course at Charlecote wanting to learn to do two things – to blur the background and get silky water on waterfalls.


Using a low f stop blurs the background


Or the foreground if you prefer

As far as the camera is concerned, both these shots are identical, just focused in different places.

Jo’s other wish was to do a waterfall shot, and Charlecote has a genuine Capability Brown waterfall.  We didn’t have a tripod, so used the camera’s timer with the camera perched on a stone.  Using a tiny aperture of f36 and the lowest sensitivity of 100 ISO gives the longest possible exposure – in this case 1/4 of a second:


Easy when you know how

A couple of Jo’s pics have also ended up in the Ask PMS section of the website, illustrating the effect of changing white balance in yellow evening light.  Why not have a look?

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