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People photography course at Charlecote

We don’t run the people photography course as often as we would like. It’s not as popular as our other courses, and the budget doesn’t allow for models etc so we have to use each other.

One alternative is to bring your own kids. So at Charlecote Rachel taught the course to some parents who thoughtfully brought their own children as models. And, thanks to modern paranoia we can’t show you the pictures!

Here are a few pictures from the course anyway, showing Rachel pretending to be working. People photography is about getting the best out of the subject while thinking about eye lines, backgrounds and depth of field. Shooting people is like driving in traffic, you need to be able to change gear without thinking about it.

Portrait photography course at Charlecote Park

Rachel pretending to be at work!

 portrait Photography course at Charlecote

Picture from portrait photography course at Charlecote

Picture from photography course at Charlecote

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