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Steve’s family portrait – nailed it!

Steve came on the DSLR course recently (actually coming back to do creative this Saturday at Chatsworth) and sent us this lovely portrait of his family.


Only took 3 to get this shot.  Had a wince of crop from the top to get rid of some of the black at the top (office chair) but left original width as just enough on the right for Lauren to look into something – nice and tight :)
Took with my 105mm Macro lens…
Just thought I would send it over after my portrait course to say has this nailed it? (but then again, I may be a bit biased here) lol
Just wondered on your opinion?

Hey Steve, it’s fab! Well done!!

It’s lovely, natural and it tells me so much about their personalities, and their relationship…I bet your wife was delighted with it, not to mention grandparents!
That’s a great lens, and it has a very professional look…check out how shallow the depth of field is: your wife’s top is out of focus, and also the back of their heads! That’s why it’s so crucial to have both the subjects on exactly the same focal plane…it can be really tricky with people! BUT you did it!




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