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Creative photography course at Sudeley Castle

What a fantastic day we had today…..it was amazingly hot, unlike last time when it rained all day and we waded through mud! And although we carry on regardless of the weather, rain is a real nuisance. The group were amazing and took some incredibly creative photographs. In fact, the ‘spooky’ shots were possibly the best ever taken! There’s often something interesting going on at Sudeley, and today was no exception! A BBC film crew were there filming some murder mystery thing. (See why I send students out to create a ‘spooky’ photo in-camera?!). We always have fun on the Creative Photography Course, and I (Rachel) really like to push people out of their ‘comfort’ zones. What’s the point in taking the same old stuff all the time? Albert Einstein said:
“The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over, and expecting it to turn out differently”…..well said, Albert!

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