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Pollok House and Culzean Castle

We had a fantastic weekend in Scotland teaching our Digital Photography Made Simple course. It was cold but fine. Pollok House is an amazing building right in the middle of Glasgow, and everyone on the course managed to take some really unusual and inventive shots. We always love it when people say they are afraid of their camera’s, and end up delighted when they take control and take shots they never thought possible! Culzean is wonderful…it has got everything, and being right by the sea adds drama and even more possibilities for your creativity to blossom!

Andy spotted this dog chasing across the lawn, and cleverly popped his camera into 'sports' mode, thereby capturing the action.

We love this one of the maze...especially as you can see movement in the people!

We love this one ....what a clever idea to shoot from this angle looking up at the tree. See the blue sky, too!

This is brilliant example of shallow depth of field...where the background is blurred. And to think that these students had no idea how to do this just 30 minutes before this photo was taken! Well done!

Here's Nan concentrating very hard on her composition!

Here's Phil helping Andy to figure out the right aperture for shallow depth of field.

Rachel likes to keep an eye on what settings people use!!

This gorgeous shot was taken by Nicola for the 'worlds within worlds' exercise.

We all loved this shot...Nan was so pleased to have spotted it!

We absolutely love Scotland, and can’t wait to got back in March! Pollok House and Culzean Castle are two of our favourite venues. We will also be teaching Creative Photography courses,(Seeing The World Differently Made Simple), our Wedding Photography Course, and our ever-popular Digital Photography Made Simple Course.

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  2. Landon says:

    Hello, great, this is top notch stuff, hope to see more.Greetings

  3. Phil and Rachel says:

    We have a twitter feed (photomadesimple) – new blog postings appear on that, plus any other twitter stuff.

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