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Expect a few more posts!

Here at PMS Towers we are nothing if not technologically advanced. The use of voice-activated dictation software now means that we can witter on about photography without having to type and the computer can put into actual sentences. Theoretically this will make our job of photography mentoring much quicker and enable us to put our falls down without going through the medium of inaccurate fingers.

As a result of all this new technology we are expecting to be getting more blog posts, Facebook pages and even emails produced more efficiently and quickly.

So starting today and using the voice software we are going to be put blog posts about our photography courses two or three times a week, Facebook posts every day or two, and emails as usual pretty much every day. We are feeling quite excited about this as the new technology means that we can just look at art, talk about art and not worry too much about QWERTY keyboards.

Another thing that we will be doing in future blog posts is to include Amazon links to bits of gear that we recommend. We don’t want to be one of those photography training companies that tries its best to sell you new equipment, but if we are talking about a lens or a book we thought it would be useful if you could go and buy it. We even make a tiny cut which helps to pay for all this amazing technology!

So Spring has sprung, and look forward to ever more photography related words and pictures from Photography Made Simple.

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