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Landscape photography in the mist!

Hmmm, grey, flat sky, no visibility, freezing cold…trying to sleet? A challenge for our hardy, determined little band of photographers! Especially as Malvern is the perfect venue for Landscape photography courses! We just need to ‘think outside the box’, says Rachel!….Maybe we need to have ‘Atmosphere’ or ‘Spooky’ as our theme for the day?!

The first job, as always was to spend time out there with no camera’s, and then come back and ‘plan’ their shots. We call it ‘Pre-visualisation’. It really focuses the mind, and sharpens your senses.

They all then went out again with camera’s and took their planned photographs, with great success, and an amazingly different styles.

After lunch we went to rather a spooky quarry…the atmosphere was tangible, and the mist hung low over the frozen waters…..it was so still, the silence screaming at us…(sorry, I’m getting a bit carried away here, but you get the point?!)

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