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On the Malvern Hills Photography Course with Harriet and Andy

Harriet and Dad Andy came to Malvern for the day to photograph in the park and up on the Hills.  We even managed a pint in the pub.

“Just a short note to say that we thoughly enjoyed our day with you last week,- I feel I’ve actually learned something that I can do much better than my feeble attempts in the past.. It was really good to be back in Malvern too, thank you very much.. I’ll be back to see you next spring with my 1.8 Nifty Fifty…

Best regards,

Take care

Andy & Harriet”

You don’t need smiley face to do portraits!

You need to get to the eye level of the subject!

Up on the hills, Andy snatched this shot of Harriet.

While Harriet got this view of the hills.  Not bad for a coolpix camera!

So what’s it like up the Malvern Hills, then?  It’s like this!  The fat bloke on the right is Phil, again.

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