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New venue for us – photography courses at the National Media Museum, Bradford

We are thrilled to announce that starting in January 2012 we will be able to offer our courses at the National Media Museum in Bradford. Formerly the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television, this is a state-of-the-art venue – an inspirational place to work and just to mooch around and check out all the exhibits you would expect at a world-class photography museum. There are artefacts from the early days of photography, as well as travelling exhibitions of the latest world-class work.  Have a look at their wikipedia entry.

You can even photograph Morph in his native habitat (a TV studio), Phil took this:


There’s a lot of this kind of thing:


Wallace and Gromit at full tilt, picture by Phil

Evil penguin at work from The Wrong Trousers, pic by Phil again (the original was shot frame by frame on Nikon D2H cameras, you know)


Captain Scarlet

The mighty Talos, from Jason and the Argonauts  - Ray Harryhausen’s estate has donated many of his models to the museum.

and the mighty Great Uncle Bulgaria, from the Wombles.


We’re really looking forward to teaching our photography courses in Bradford. Hope to see you there!

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