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Photography Tuition for the British Army

We were thrilled to be asked to teach some members of the British Army some basic photography. Some soldiers from the second Battalion of the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment (2PWRR) at Woolwich Barracks had a go at portraits and landscapes, and thinking more clearly about backgrounds.

One of the things we discovered is that soldiers wearing DPM (that’s camouflage to civilians) really blend into each other if they are in the background, and it’s vital that the shapes of individuals are separated if we’re not going to end up with a multi legged, multheaded squaddie monster. It sounds obvious but it’s not. As you can see in this pre-course picture it doesn’t always work.

picture from British Army photography tuition

Blending together, read the text if you dare. Pic from Facebook pre-course.

A great advantage of working with soldiers is that they are really good at holding the camera still. No bad thing!

British Army photography course

How does this thing work then?

So with a bit of expert tuition, we made things better!

British Army photography course

Keeping the lads separate in the composition

British Army photography course

Never realised our lens was that dented! Picture by Lance Cpl Hutchinson.

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