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Panorama from Portmeirion photography course

Christine spent two days “in the village” – a day with Phil doing landscape photography followed by a day with Rachel covering creative photography. (This does not mean we could not be creative on the landscape day, obviously!)

This is a panorama stitched from 8 pictures taken on the sands by Christine. The pictures were taken in portrait orientation to minimise the distortion of the wide angle lens.

The trick here is to choose the most important part of the image, and make sure it’s exposed correctly (using Av in this case, but it could have been M, P or even an automatic mode like landscape or sports). Then set the camera to M, and use the settings from that first image. This will prevent the sky mysteriously changing mid-panorama. Some cameras (especially Canon) have auto-panorama settings, but these lock the settings on the first image. Often this is the most or least exposed image rather than the average from the centre.

Also, be aware that auto white balance, ISO or anything else may change during the panorama.

However, if there’s not much change across the image, auto stitch works fine – young James took this one at Chatsworth:

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