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Inspired photography course at Severn Valley Railway

Amazing atmosphere!We had a lovely day at the Severn Valley Railway yesterday…Phil was teaching DSLR and I was teaching the Creative photography course. As always, the ‘job’ for the day was to go home with several images that you’d be proud enough of to hang on your wall… also two long shoots on a given theme. I like to get people out of their ‘comfort zones’ and flex those creative muscles! Dave has already done DSLR and our Landscape course, and his photography is coming on in leaps and bounds! In fact, the one of the train is the best I have seen from the Severn Valley Railway! I suggested that he send the Railway a copy. (See above photo!)
I’m also of the opinion that it’s really important to be by yourself when you are serious about coming back with worthwhile photographs….and it doesn’t need to be for longer than an hour. Dave really proved this point, as he only had 20 minutes for photographing objects I thrust at him, and an hour for the others. Amazing what you can make of an old bit of driftwood!Also, it became evident as we reviewed his photographs that we did little or no cropping/editing…they were what he saw in the viewfinder! So extremely well done Dave…we are proud of you!

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