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Stourhead Autumn Colours caught DSLR Photography Course

The Autumn colours Stourhead are so famous that Radio 4′s Today programme is going to be broadcast from there shortly.  Fall colours on the radio!  Fall colours sounds like the kind of naff American phrase used by disgraced Radio 1 DJ’s, but Shakespeare used the word fall to describe Autumn, so we’re going to run with it.

These pictures come from our beginners DSLR course, taken by a great varied group who were kind and support of each other’s efforts. Chris, Neil, Gill, Dominic, Deryck and Martin took this lot:

IMG_8858 IMG_8896 IMG_8887













Yesterday’s photography course at Stourhead had a great time despite changeable weather – blue skies and black skies within half an hour.  Oh well, you can always hide in the grotto.  The grotto picture here is a 30 second exposure taken by Chris using the timer and balancing the camera on Phil’s (thin) wallet!

As always at Stourhead you need to avoid the standard vistas while keeping the elements that make Stourhead unique. I think this group did particularly well, despite the weather!  There was a remarkable variety of equipment too, from ancient 20D to 5D mk2, to G1 to D40X – but it’s as we always say, it’s in the eye not the equipment!  For autumn colours Stourhead has to be a top destination.


Neil came all the way from Kent to see the autumn colours Stourhead – it’s well worth it.  Certainly one of the top National Trust gardens in the country and only just off the A303.  It’s a curious little world.




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