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Sudeley Castle Creative Photography Course

Rachel taught a small group at Sudeley Castle – these were people who’ve either done a DSLR course previously or have quite a bit of experience. This means they can get on with the fun stuff without having explain apertures first!

On an absolutely stunning day, Rachel set John, John and Sue the mission of making Sudeley look creepy:

What it really looks like – not creepy then!

Little bit of under exposure from John and look what happens!!

There is an exhibition of modern art at Sudeley at the moment – both John’s noticed this makes great reflections:

Sue’s amazing zooming-in-with-the-shutter-open shot:

Of course there were more conventional images to be had:

John takes the record for travelling the furthest to photograph at Sudeley Castle – but it is a lovely venue to work at, or just spend the day. Just bring your earplugs for the peacocks!!

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