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Why not study photography at University?

The bigger picture: why study photography at university?

If you’ve an interest in photography, it’s important to nurture that interest because you never know where it might take you, from blogs to fashion shoots, from exhibitions to the forefront of cutting-edge media: in fact, to anywhere you want to be.

Why do a photography degree?

Photography is intertwined with every aspect of our lives, and taking the chance to study it can open doors to a deeper understanding of communication, marketing and – as clich├ęd as it sounds – a of people and the world around us.

But what if you have a more specialised interest in a certain aspect of photography? Degrees such as the one at Middlesex University focus on editorial photography, which often offers much more creative freedom in a real work environment than commercial photography would. With in-depth study of photo-journalism, studio and fashion photography for magazines, newspapers, books and exhibitions, as well as photography for new media, the course is a good demonstration of the varying paths you can take to further explore the subject.

What results will you see?

Since you’ll be in an environment that is both encouraging and critical, your work is sure to progress. You’ll also get the opportunity to think more critically of the work of your peers, as well as studying and learning from the work of experts in the field.

Studying photography will allow you to become skilled at highly professional techniques, so your work can benefit from the latest practices out there.

It’s a great opportunity to experiment with your styles and techniques, as the guidance you’ll receive will allow you to grow.

After studying photography at university level you’ll have a far greater understanding of the theoretical debates that surround the subject, and will be able to engage confidently with these debates.

Becoming a skilled photographer will provide you with a new creative outlet to express yourself and your view of the world.

The future:
After your course you could go on, as many alumni do, to win awards for your photography work, to have your work published in photography magazines or to embark on a successful career in the creative industry.

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