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It’s hard to find a photography gift for someone when you’re not into photography. Assuming the recipient has decent camera body, lenses come in a bewildering variety of sizes and budgets and buying the wrong one is easy.

We have taught nearly 4,000 customers now, and we’ve seen some terrible purchasing decisions in our time. All photographers are different and all photography is different. It’s horses for courses.

Recently Ben came to mac in Birmingham, with an ancient bridge camera. It’s the kind of camera that has very limited range, both in zoom and in aperture. The low ISO limit also meant that the camera could not manage in dim light of a British day, even in the Summer.

Ben had a very limited budget, and we talked through the kind of camera that would be most suitable – his interest is in glossy looking macro-style photography – this sort of thing on long walks. We always recommend a 50mm f1.8 lens for this – it’s a fantastic lens and very inexpensive.

photography gifts


Ben got onto ebay and bought a D100 Nikon for £41, a 50mm f1.8 for £21 and a Nikon 35-80mm for (get this) £4.99!  It’s a great start to photography – a real camera (D100 bodies were £1000 new), and lenses that can be used in future on a newer body.  All on a robust camera body that can take the knocks of real life.  One of the problems with new, high spec inexpensive cameras is that they are not robust enough for modern life.  So Ben has a camera ready to go for under £100.

The best photography gifts are tailored to the individual photographer, and with our experience we are able to advise people of all levels of experience and equipment.  We can get people out of a creative rut, or help them to see the possibilities of the equipment they already have.

Anyone can spend money on photography, but the best photography gifts change your way of seeing as well as exploring the capabilities of your own equipment.

Our photography gift certificates can be used for a group course, individual photography tuition, or on-line photography mentoring.  It’s a very cost-efficient way of improving the photography and enjoyment of your friends and family.





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