Photography Mentoring Service Testimonials

We put all the reviews, feedback and comments we receive on here, good and bad.  You’ll have to look hard for the bad ones, though.

The Mentoring Service was started in response to customer enquiries in 2011.

      • “Thanks for all of your really useful comments which are always so helpful and at last I feel I am beginning to get my head around all of the technical stuff which I thought I would never be able to do!”
        Lorraine, Photography Mentoring Service 2014
      • “Thanks for all of your very helpful comments and advice. My butterfly photo is certainly much improved having been cropped. Looking forward to this month’s challenge which sounds like quite a difficult word of the month.”
        Lorraine, Photography Mentoring Service 2013
      • “Just managed to open the wonderful gift certificate you so kindly sent as Richard has just popped out!
        Thank you so so much for sending, it’s great! Really thoughtful of you to send one.”
        Sharon, unexpected Christmas Gift Certificate 2013
      • “Thanks for the continued feedback on the mentoring service. It is proving invaluable in improving my output. I must admit that you generally don’t get what I would consider to be the best samples to look at as I can see where I did well on those. The mentoring service really helps with the shots where I know they could be better but need your guidance as to how to improve them.”
        Dave, Photography Mentoring Service 2011-2013
      • “Thank you very much indeed for the detailed feedback. Yes I am making the same mistake over and over again with the over long shutter speed. I’m going to print this out now and carry it with me as a reminder!”
        Moira, Photography Mentoring Service
      • “Great challenge this month.”
        Jo, Photography Mentoring Service 2013
      • “This is really great advice and very helpful.”
        Stuart,  Photography Mentoring Service 2013
      • “Thank you very much indeed for your positive comments…very encouraging.”
        Moira, Photography Mentoring Service 2013
      • “Really enjoying this service, challenging and enjoying and learning as I go!”
        Philip, Photography Mentoring Service 2013
      • “Many thanks for the feedback – having a professional perspective always helps me to see my own photography in a new light.”
        Tom, Photography Mentoring Service 2012
      • “this is so amazingly useful”
        Kathryn, Photography Mentoring Service 2012
      • “thanks – very useful comments and tips, as ever.” 
        Kathryn, Photography Mentoring Service 2012
      • “Ahhhhhh, thank you very much for a good feedback! It’s so encouraging! I’m very pleased with those photos.” 
        Lina, Photography Mentoring Service 2012
      • Thanks for last months feedback; I must be learning something because I’m starting to get a sneaky suspicion what some of the comments might be. Since we’ve been doing this, not only is it making me think about how I take photographs, it’s also changed the way I look at photographs.
        Like an art appreciation course!
        Roger, Photography Mentoring Service 2012
      • “Thank you so much for sending it and for all your comments, you’ve no idea what a huge help they are.”
        Sue, Photography Mentoring Service 2012
      • “Thanks, brilliant feedback. Hadn’t yet thought to reduce ISO have only ever increased it in poor light.”Jan, Mentoring Service 2012
      • “Thank you for the feedback which as usual is excellent.”Lawrence, Mentoring Service 2012 - have a look at one of Lawrence’s pictures and mentoring on the blog
      • “Thank you so much for the advice and support I really appreciate you honest, constructive thoughts – I am doing another “shoot” on Monday so I can practise again…….. Thanks again for all the advice, you are a fab teacher.” Sue, Mentoring Service 2012
      • “You probably don’t remember me but I was on your Creative Photography Course at Culzean Castle, which I thoroughly enjoyed and have been putting into practice all you taught us. I have just signed up for your mentoring”Morag, Culzean Castle 2012 – of course we remember you Morag!
      • “Wow fantastic in depth feed back, a brilliant service!!!!” 
        Jan, Photography Mentoring Service 2012
      • “Thankyou very much for all the fabulous feedback you gave me in February.” 
        Becky, Photography Mentoring Service 2012