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Photography Mentoring Service – individual photography advice from the experts.

We started the Photography Mentoring Service for people who want photography advice and photography tips without travelling to a UK venue or over a longer period than our day courses.

For a Monthly Subscription of just £12 (about US$20) you’ll be given a range of projects which will encourage you to think about and take photographs on a theme. You’ll then receive invaluable  individual personal feedback on your pictures.

We use PayPal to handle the subscription payments. You are in complete control and the subscription can be cancelled at any time. There is no minimum subscription period, unsubscribe whenever you like.

We also offer an Annual Saver subscription for just £120, that’s two months free! – just choose the Pay Yearly option from the box on the right.

If you’d like to buy mentoring as a gift, we can produce a gift certificate for you to give on the big day.  Just drop us an email telling us who you want it sent to and subscribe for one year.

Want to unsubscribe?  That’s fine:

The idea is for you to have someone you can trust, to give you support and photography advice on a regular basis. Experienced photographers and educators who can look at your photographs with an experienced eye and help you improve at your own pace. This is one-to-one advice to help you take the kind of pictures you like, and, to give you feedback on your work so that your pictures, and your photographic confidence and ability improves.  It’s photography advice, not photography criticism!  We don’t praise people for poor pictures, but we don’t make you feel bad about them either.  We are experienced teachers and educators and we know how to help you improve.

We can provide digital or film photography advice,  wedding photography tips, or unbiased equipment advice.  We even have a few tips to help you get started.


How it works:

We set a theme every month

The theme will be deliberately open to interpretation and is set purely as an incentive to go out (or stay in) and take some pictures. See some examples.

You pick three shots for us to review

The images can stand alone or form a series, entirely up to you.

You email your images to us

Our photography advice is personal and on a one-to-one basis. We don’t show your pictures to anyone else unless you let us.

We review your images

Photography advice is constructive and positive so that you can learn from the experience and improve your pictures. An experienced, practicing photographer will review and comment on your images within about a week. See some examples.

We send back feedback

All photography advice is personal and relates directly to your pictures. If there’s anything which is unclear, just get back to us.

See other’s pictures

A selection of the pictures submitted are displayed in our gallery so that you can see how others have interpreted the theme. This is anonymous and we always ask your permission before showing your work.

Our students are from all walks of life

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for your wonderful advice for month one, I’ve found it extremely useful already and I’m putting into practice for ‘standing out from the crowd’.”
Mairi, Photography Mentoring Service 2012

“Really pleased with the comments, thanks, so will continue to keep up the good work.” Liz, Photography Mentoring Service 2011

“Thank you very much indeed for your comments; very much appreciated. This is a great way to learn.” Moira, Photography Mentoring Service 2011

“What a marvellous idea. Really think it will be good for me to take part in this online service. I just love being out with my camera!” Ann, Photography Mentoring Service 2011

There are loads more testimonials here!