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A selection of pictures from this month’s Photography Mentoring Service, the theme was Decadence.

A wide variety of shots this month.  Picture of the month must go to Rob for his carefully constructed decadent mini world.  Shot at f16, to get a deepish depth of field on such a small subject.  Here we don’t want it to look like a tiny world, the opposite of tilt-shift:


Honorable mentions must also go to David’s well-executed Venice pictures, and Dave’s 1.3 second long exposure of Chateau Impney, the French castle improbably cited in Droitwich.

02-IMG_70681 01-IMG_6833-11 09-decadent_3B 08-Decadence 1 07-Decadence 4 06-Decadence 6 05-DSC_9403(1) 04-DSC_9315 03-DSC_9229 14-IMG_4953 13-Wells 2 12-Venice 11-Selfie 10-Chandelier . 21-1-floozy alone_1 20-1-berrington whisky_1 19-1-cake 18-1-1-1-_MG_1261 17-1-1-_MG_1338-002 16-IMG_5062 15-IMG_5058 24-Decadence 2 23-Decadence 1

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