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Photography Mentoring Service – Ann’s cropping dilemma

Ann sent two crops of the same picture in to the mentoring service, and wondered which was best and how to improve them:

Here are the original two:

Ann's first crop

Ann's second crop

Here’s Phil’s bit of mentoring:

We think the wider angle works better, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we can’t see the story. It’s not really pretty enough for an abstract vision of a cyclist frozen in mid-air. Secondly, because it’s at f9 the shutter speed is a little slow – needs to be faster for such a fast-moving subject. If it was shallower the cyclist would be more at the centre of our attention. Thirdly, we like the shadow on the wall – it helps us to understand what is going on in 3D. I’ve cropped it tighter and kept in the water – see what you think.

Here’s Phil’s crop:

Phil's crop

It’s not always necessary to get the whole thing in, sometimes it’s good to cut to the chase, catch the edge of the knife slicing through the fruit rather than the slightly bored-looking cook. However, here we felt the story was the thing, so we cropped in to get more story, without losing the context.
However – they are three different pictures, and it’s just an idea. The idea of the mentoring service is to help you to get the images you want, not impose our will on all the shots.

Well done Ann, and thanks for letting us use this example.

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