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Photography advice service August pictures

The theme for our photography advice service this month was “repeating”  and we were expecting lots of pictures of things that didn’t come in, so well done to our mentoring service customers for giving us some unusual shots. There was much more technical ability on display this month, and people resisted the temptation to blur the background so much we can’t see the repeat.




Repeating Mugs




Stuart Warner August 2013




repeating one

Craig Caulke Abbey

Playing cards from Ightham Mote- NT property in Kent

repeating three




The wall small IMG_5048

IMG_1877 (2) (1024x788)




Paper_Repeating Words2


This was definitely something that pushed people out of their comfort zone which was great – we all need a bit of a shove from time to time!

Pictures came from all over the world as per usual – all over the UK as well as Italy and France. A really interesting set of pictures this month – we hope you agree.

One of the great things about the mentoring service is that it gives individual customers targeted and selected photography advice and guidance with their photographs whatever the level of experience and whatever the camera. So this month we have had anything from  top of the range Nikon D3 to ancient Nikon D50 to Fuji bridge cameras to Nokia phones. It’s all the same to us,  and all cameras can take better pictures if you pay attention to your composition and think about what you want the viewer to see. We do all this at your pace and no one else has to see your pictures or feel your pain if the pictures don’t work out well!   We’ve all been there.

Some of our customers are so keen they’ve already sent September’s pictures in! blimey.   We need a lie down after the last lot of photography advice.


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