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Photography Mentoring Service January Selection – the theme was New Leaf

We decided on a theme that could be taken really literally, as well as flexibly and metaphorically. January light is not great, the weather is usually pretty miserable and most people are not filled with enthusiasm in the middle of Winter, so we thought we’d make it easy. 

That said, we had a range of interesting looking photos, and interesting ideas (and rather a lot of New Year Resolutions, it must be said).

Pictures came from all over the UK, as usual, as well as Italy and New Zealand.   Next month’s theme (still secret unless you’ve joined the Mentoring Service is a good one, and we’ve already had some great February pictures, so watch this space!

This month we’ve lost a few people, but picked up more. This is the nature of the Mentoring Service – people do it for as long as they find it useful, and pay by the month.  It is still a popular and (we hope) worthwhile service – giving people individual attention from experienced photography teachers for very little cost. It’s still free for the first month, while stocks last!!

Here’s a few of our favourites from this month – spot the pictures from France, New Zealand and Scotland:

  1. Phil says:

    Really enjoying this service, challenging and enjoying and learning as I go!

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