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Photography Mentoring Service – July’s pictures, the theme was Freeze Frame

For our mentoring customers, this month’s theme was freeze frame, so the emphasis was on shutter speed, movement, blur and droplets.  As usual, there are some corking pictures!




There was a fair amount of tweakery of the ISO to get the shutter speed right for a given aperture.  Some people have been asking about the effect of changing ISO in different camera modes, so here’s the deal:


Changing the ISO changes the amount of light the camera needs, not the amount that it gets.  So for a given aperture (i.e. in A or Av), if you increase the ISO the camera needs less light so is going to use a faster shutter speed.  So increasing the ISO is a good way of overcoming the restricted aperture of the lens and allow the camera to be hand held.  The picture will be the same brightness, but a little grainier. Increasing the ISO also means that you can use a smaller aperture (and have deeper depth of field) for the same shutter speed.
Changing the exposure compensation also changes the amount of light the camera needs, by making the picture lighter or darker. So decreasing the exposure by a stop in A or Av will result in a faster shutter speed, but unlike with ISO will make the picture darker too. If you want sharp droplets etc you may need to do both!

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