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Photography Mentoring Service October pictures – “telling a tale”

This month’s mentoring service theme was a little different from usual. The idea this month was to use the three pictures to tell a story – rather like being a filmmaker but with only three frames. The hope was to get people to think about narrative and developing the theme across the pictures.

As a result this month we are showing some of the best as three picture collages (produced in picasa)  so that you can see the story. Is not always appropriate so there are some single images too. It’s interesting having to think as a filmmaker rather than a static single shot photographer. These days as  SLR cameras shoot video and good quality stills can be taken from video the two mediums are increasingly overlapping. While we don’t want to get into video we do want your single shot photography to be informed by storytelling. After all, we all think in narrative terms and we all like stories, drama etc. So as much drama as possible involves the audience.


The mentoring service is currently free for the first month and  £12 a month after that  or £120 –  cancel any time. Go here to sign up.

m nov13 kerry

IMG_0294 m oct13 wendy m oct13 sue3 m oct13 moira m oct13 lyndsay m oct13 lorraine m oct13 Lawrence m oct13 karen m oct13 jean m oct13 jane m oct13 dave3 m oct13 Dave m oct13 craig m oct13 andrew m oct13  Bridget SONY DSC In a world of there own Beach Party IMG_0101-1 OCT1c

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