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Photography Mentoring Service pictures for November, the theme was “Human Vision”

A dozen of the best pictures from this month’s theme – a tricky one intended to get people thinking about how the camera sees the world very differently to how we see it visually. There were a lot of people pictures this month, which I’ve left out as usual.

Some people find this a very useful exercise, other people really struggled and found it hard.  We hope that by thinking about how the camera sees the world we can make our pictures represent it  more clearly. We often, but not always, want pictures to look like it does visually, and this is difficult when the camera is so different to our visual system.

Often when the camera gets it wrong we blame ourselves. It’s not our fault, it’s that we and the camera see things differently.

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DJG Nov HV 03

Tardebigge Lock 1


Frost InTheMorning


Pictures have come from all over the country this month, from Lyme Regis,Scotland, Cambridge and even Spain and Mexico.  I think it is pretty easy to see these are good-looking pictures, taken with intention and skill. Well done everybody!

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