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Photography Mentoring Service selection June – “Human Response”

This month’s Photography Mentoring Service theme was human response – in retrospect not a great theme for the blog as we ended up with a lot of pictures that we can’t publish on the Internet. You’ll just have to take our word for the fact that the photography mentoring service pictures just get better every month! Here is a subset of the pictures, you can see the great variety of locations and styles even in this small set.

The best pictures on this theme, and there were a few, had a dramatic visceral connection with the viewer and really leapt off the screen. There were some lovely baby portraits, mother and child, children having fun, elderly people and people connecting with animals. Some lovely pictures, but to protect the privacy of the photographer and the sitter we are not going to put them all up here.We try to protect the interests of of both the people on the photography mentoring service and the people they photograph.

There was a lot of interest this month in changing ISO, lots of pictures in dark conditions and issues with depth of field so that the emphasis went on to one person in a group for example. Is very important that the ISO is not too high to prevent noise, but most cameras these days can manage much higher sales than people think without problems. Nearly all modern cameras can do 1600 without too much noise, and this gives you much better chance in poor light. Even if you have to use flash, modern flashes will power down as they need less like to work in the pictures look more natural anyway. Couple this with potentially using a prime lens like our favourite the 50 mm F1 .8 and you can get by in pretty poor lighting conditions.  Have a look here if you think you might need one of these- we’ve talked about 300 people into getting these lenses, and no one has been disappointed.

Another trick with changing the ISO is to use it to give you a higher F number and therefore a deeper depth of field at the same shutter speed. ISOs are not just the dark rooms!  However, if you need to know more you need to join the Photography Mentoring Service for individual photography critics and reviews.






wolf 2-1



Fallen tree


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