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Selection of pictures from the Photography Mentoring Service for December – the theme was Quiet

A slightly muted response this month with the usual great range of subjects, and locations from the Malvern Hills to the Vercours.

This picture warrants a little exploration – this was taken by Maureen, and I have included the mentoring I sent:

Red Lego Man (1 of 1)
Settings were Canon 650D, 74mm equiv, 1/8th, f4.5, 3200 ISO
Here’s what I said to Maureen on this picture:

What a groovy object! You need to bear in mind that the camera does all its metering and measuring in black-and-white, and tends to see red as darker than we do. As a result, it often over exposes red things because it thinks they are dark. I would have immediately thought here that this was going to be tricky – and been under exposing slightly, and possibly even centre or spot metering on the red man. I think it’s critical that he is sharp and exposed properly, and the background is much less important.
In these dark conditions, the camera has given you a shutter speed that is almost 10 times longer than the average person can hold still. If you had used a bit more negative exposure compensation this would have given you a dark picture which you could reclaim later, and you could even use more ISO as well and hope that your noise reduction in light room could deal with any artefacts. As it is, it’s just a little blurry which is a real shame.
If you had a 50 mm f1.8 it would have been very similar in zoom, but the aperture would have been literally 10 times as big and you would have been able to hold it still really easily. Looking back at your previous pictures I can’t see any evidence of one of these – they’re brilliant lenses and only about £73 on Amazon – well worth getting if you do lots of low light shots and all these are!!



All Quiet (1 of 1)



King and Queen (1 of 1)





securedownload (3)

Frosty Morning 02



Quiet (1 of 3)

Quiet 1


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