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Selection of pictures from the Photography Mentoring Service for January – the theme was Ablaze

With a theme like “Ablaze” I thought we would see a lot of fire pictures, surprisingly there weren’t that many – just as many pictures of illuminated retail outlets as fire, shows how much we know!

This striking picture was taken by Toby at the 2012 Olympics – he has cunningly increased his ISO to enable a deeper depth of field so that the figures in the background don’t become a blur.

Nikon D3 with 70-200mm 2.8 lens (we wish!) at f5.6, 1/800 and 720ISO. Using matrix metering has made the camera more forgiving (in fairness the metering on D3 is awesome anyway in any mode) and Toby has used shutter priority here to enable him to fine-tune the way the flame looks, something we always recommend. You have to remember that what we see and what the camera sees are very different with flames, so it takes a bit of work to make it look natural. White balance can be an issue too – adjust it to get the colours to look the way you want – don’t rely on auto for this, it’s too weird for your camera!

this1-_MG_7711 1-_MG_7781 Two Candles 1 3 Amaryllis 2 Ablaze_3 IMG_5804 IMG_5855 Ablaze 1 Ablaze_1 Ablaze 2

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