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Dave’s poppy picture

Dave wrote:

Please see image that  I took yesterday. Is it any good? I couldn’t go any higher with the shot as there were great big power lines just above!!



We always say that if a picture requires an explanation it’s missing something.  Would it not be possible to take out the wires with photoshop rather than unbalance the composition?  We think it looks better if heavily cropped:

Even so, the lack of sky still feels like it needs an explanation.


This kind of low viewpoint, shallow depth of field landscape can work really well – here’s an example by one of our Malvern College A level students, Pod George:

Pod’s picture encourages us to go to the village and beyond, where Dave’s requires us to cut through the foliage just to reach the church. However, it’s only our opinion – none of this stuff if cast in stone and if your pictures work for you, then you are the best judge!

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