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Dog Photography tips – wide angles and terriers

We’re often asked for dog photography tips, and something about the larger than life personality of terriers means you have to get in close and photograph them with a wide angle.  This gives them the enormous presence they clearly feel they deserve, as well as giving a more interesting shot than usual, and blurring the background better than looking down on them.  Their little short legs mean that the floor is going to be pretty much in focus too  unless you take the trouble to get down low. It is worth it!


 dog photography tips

George the Jack Russell surveys his domain

On a recent photography course someone suggested that pretty much all pictures would benefit from being taken from a low angle. We tend to agree – it’s always worthwhile trying to give the viewer an angle with extra drama, interest and an unusual view. Remember, if you are taking pictures for money you need to take a picture that is not likely to be taken by uncle Derek in portrait mode on his 1100 D, which actually but we probably not be too bad! So in the case of tiny terriers, one of our dog photography tips would be to get lower than the dog.


As always, the trick to this picture is to look for what is unique, different and interesting about the subject. What is it that makes this dog, or even this terrier, different from every other one?If you can figure that out and sum it up in one photograph you got it made. Keep an eye on the website for more dog photography tips as we think of them!

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