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Don’t do it yourself!

A lot of people seem to like the challenge of printing the photographs out at home.  We’re far too lazy to get the colours correct, and we find that by the time you have wasted a few copies it would be better to have them printed professionally. This way you have got someone to complain to  if the colours don’t work out. We find that www.instantprint.co.uk are pretty good – might be worth a look.

As a photographer,  we think you should spend your energy on taking great pictures, not desperately trying to make sure that the blue in the sky and on your camera are replicated on your prints.  We leave it to someone who does this for a living. Most home printers do a decent job for funny pictures you want to stick on a noticeboard at work, but for proper prints you need a proper printer to do it for you.

As for costs, people often seem to forget that they waste any pictures when they print out at home. Once you factor this in, and have a few slightly – not – the – right – colour pictures that you have printed and put up with because you paid for them, you often find it cheaper to just have them done professionally. Hence www.instantprint.co.uk!

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