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Getting drama in your photographs

When we teach beginners photography courses, we always ask people what their problem is with the photographs they already take. Invariably, the answer is that they are bit meh – and have no interest or drama. After all, we are trying to make works of art here rather than just take snaps.
We also want to make our pictures personal to the photographer. Even if the subject has been photographed loads of times before, we like our viewpoint to be new, different and interesting. So how we do this given that were standing looking at an object that was designed to be looked at and holding a camera that was designed to look at it. How much of us can be in the photographs?

Thankfully, quite a bit. We always love to see people photographing from strange angles, getting up high or down low, and using interesting settings. You know that the pictures are going to be interesting when you see someone lying on the floor looking up at a car etc.

Just recently, heard about an old German photographer who told everyone to shoot everything from a low angle. While we don’t agree with this for every single shot, is certainly better than taking everything from your eyelevel all the time. And even if you’re getting on a bit, and getting down is easier than getting up, using live view can help a great deal.20130318-D3D_8361




the good news is that this can be done with any camera. Any camera can produce images that are dramatic and interesting even if they struggle with some of the technical elements. These days we are used to looking at slightly poor quality images, thanks to the use of images on websites and social media sites, so the quality may be less important than the composition and the idea.

So, have a go at taking a picture no one has taken before – show the world from your point of view, draw out the drama – difference – interest in your surroundings. That’s what it’s all about!

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