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Getting off modes

We’ve had several clients lately who’ve managed to change settings by accident while mostly using the vari-program modes. What this means is that if they become brave enough to go over to the semi-auto modes (that’s P A S M or P Av Tv M) suddenly their pictures all turn blue, or go really dark or light. So they give up and go back to the “idiot” modes again, because this works ok.

This is caused by changing the white balance or exposure compensation while using the semi-auto modes. If you accidentally set your camera to underexpose by a couple of stops (this is easily done) all your pics will be dark, but since this is ignored in the “idiot” modes the problem seems to go away. Accidentally ending up with tungsten white balance will make the pics blue, but trying to compensate for yellow light that isn’t there. Worse yet, this condition will not change until you set it back, even if you turn the camera off.

The way to check this is to try the camera in P (which is Program, basically a posh auto mode) and compare it to an “idiot” mode – the darkness and colour should be about the same. If not, you’ve accidentally hit the exposure compensation or white balance and you’ll need to set it back to zero compensation and auto white balance (AWB).

This is a common problem – at one course at Ashton Court Phil had two students – one with a camera accidentally set to 2 stops too bright, and the other to 2.7 stops too dark.

If this all seems a bit complex, drop us an email and we’ll help you out. That’s what we’re here for!

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